Will Your Training Change My Life?

Will Your Training Change My Life?
By: Jessica Rebstock


I was talking to someone the other day who said he didn’t blog anymore because keeping up on all the trends was already too time consuming. I understood, but I also felt a bit sad. We are all so busy reading, reading, reading but what are we doing with what we read?

This conversation made me really think about how easy it is to just sit back and read about what other people are doing. With a cup coffee. And maybe you click that [thumbs up] button a few times to “participate” in the conversation. You added your approval. The writer knows that someone out there cares. But, think about it – that level of interaction is just observatory. We are becoming a world of observers. Look at what that person is doing. Do you like it? Yes/No.

This is something for training professionals to consider seriously: Are we trying to create a sleepy awareness or are we actually trying to influence change? If we are trying to influence our learners, we need to strategically plan how to inspire real conversation and action on training topics. Our learners should not just be taking in information casually.


So, how do you inspire people to care about what you are training on?

  1. You make it memorable.
  2. You make it relevant to them.
  3. You make it social.
  4. And, most importantly, you ask them to take action using what they learned.

What if you logged in every day and your company had a list of training topics that changed based on what you might need to do your job most excellently? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?? Unfortunately, our computers aren’t that good at reading our minds (yet). So, instead, training needs to be structured in a way that gets learners’ attention, allows them to personalize what they learn, discuss with others, and, finally, make a plan to take action using what they learned.

That’s real engagement. This makes just reading a newsfeed with a cup of coffee sound pretty boring and forgettable. Sign me up for the training that changes my life.